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Consultants Present Final Report

Click the link at the right that says “Counsilman-Hunsaker Final Report” to see the four scenarios that the consultants who conducted the feasibility study for a new aquatic center for Mt. Lebanon have recommended for consideration. The scenarios include concepts and projected costs for three outdoor aquatic centers and one indoor natatorium.

The municipality’s goal is to build a facility that will replace the deteriorating 30-year old, 50-meter aluminum pool located in Mt. Lebanon Park. In 2004, a school/municipal committee considered partnering on an indoor 50-meter natatorium and fitness center, but was unable to come up with a concept that met the recreational, competitive, health/ wellness and instructional needs of both the school district and the general public. At the request of some members of the public, a joint committee is again evaluating the possibility of a partnership; a decision should be made in spring 2007.

Whether or not the school district and municipality work together, the municipality plans to have a new aquatic center in place in 2009. In the meantime, the municipal staff and commission continue to welcome your comments on the various scenarios, which range from basically replacing what we have (50 meter pool and baby pool) at a projected cost of $6.6 million, to a 25- or 50- meter outdoor facility with upgraded amenities at a cost of $8 million to $10 million, to a 50-meter indoor facility that would cost nearly $25 million.

We hope you’ll take time to review Counsilman-Hunsacker’s final report, which was compiled following a public input process. The report includes visuals of the various scenarios and provides statistics regarding things such as construction and operating costs, probable attendance, projected expenditures and revenue, and net costs. Any of the options presented could be revised once we enter the design phase.

Please keep in mind that the consultants have used 2009 dollars, as that is when the project would likely take place.

We thank you for your constructive comments over the past few months and look forward to your continuing input.


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